Turin – Snapshot on Corso Grosseto demolition site

Demo timelapse concerning the demolition of Corso Grosseto overpass in Turin, started on May the 21st, 2018.


DAB+ Trasmission Tools

DAB (Digital Audio Broadcast) is one of the standard used to broadcast radio using digital encoding. Aside form audio, DAB permits the transmission of multimedia / applicative contents, such as images slideshow, traffic information, news and so on.

Audio encoding is based on MPEG-2 codec  for legacy DAB and AAC+ for DAB+.
CSP has developed a system able to build a full DAB+ trasmission chian; basic components are:

  • AAC audio encoder (including insertion of ancillary data – slideshow and DLS)
  • ETI muxer
  • IQ modulator
  • RF modulator
  • a simple GUI to control all the components

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A system of traffic flow monitoring based on video processing

Traffic Flow - Corso Castelfidardo

Traffic Flow – Corso Castelfidardo

This  system monitors traffic in urban context in real time and evaluates the vehicle flows. The video captured by a webcam is processed and the system is able to create dynamically a model of the roads (areas of the video frame where vehicle traffic is located) and calculate the vehicle traffic density for each flow.

Urban traffic monitoring is becoming increasingly important in order to optimize traffic, reduce travel times and reduce the environmental impact of traffic. Traditional techniques to count vehicles consist of installing mechanical or electrical sensors into the road pavement. These methods can be expensive and require physical changes (break pave, install sensors and repave the road). An alternative technique of traffic flow detection is based on video processing using computer vision algorithms. This technique is cheaper, more flexible and scalable than traditional ones.

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A lamp measures the air quality

CSP  has been developed a prototype unit for measuring the indoor air quality (IAQ). All sensors are integrated on a customized board and measurement are sent to a server using WiFi connection. A lamp has been suitably modified to accommodate inside the sensors and electronic boards.


Air pollution isn’t only an outdoor problem. The air in enclosed spaces, such as home, schools or workplaces, can also be polluted. In fact, some kinds of air pollution can be worse indoors than outdoors, such as tobacco smoke, mould, and chemicals released from synthetic fabrics, furnishings and household products. Wooden furniture and some paints or dyes for cloth can release toxic substances into the environment, such as formaldehyde.


The “lamp” measures Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and formaldehyde (CH2O) levels and get a feedback lighting in different colors (green for clean air, yellow  for warning level, red for polluted air). Other physical parameters are acquired such as temperature, humidity and illuminance.

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MeteoIdro: a remote monitoring station using TETRA network

In this  project an hydrometric station has been developed using high performance radar water level sensor and low power  embedded systems. The entire system is powered by solar energy  and uses a  Texas Instruments MSP430 micro-controller for all operations.


Level water measurements are requested to sensor in polling mode, stored in a microSD  and sent to remote site thanks to a TETRA wireless network. The station behaviour  is based on profiles concept. Each profile defines the receiving and  transmitting windows duration and  the measurement period.  Three profiles are implemented and the transition from one to another is based on river level variation.

A remote user can modify the station settings (like measurement, transmission and receiving periods) sending commands over the TETRA connection.

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Gnuradio package is available on Odroid boards


gnuradio on odroid board

GNU Radio is a free software development toolkit that provides the signal processing runtime and processing blocks to implement software radios. GNU Radio SDR toolkit has been compiled to the ARM architecture and tested on Odroid-X, Odroid-X2 and Odroid-U2 boards running Linaro, a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu 12.11.


EveryAware project – AirProbe PC Sync application

AirProbe PC Sync

AirProbe PC Sync is the air quality application developed for EveryAware project and for users that do not have an Android smartphone and that cannot use the AirProbe application.

This application can be used on any Windows PC and can transfer data recorded by the SensorBox during the day to the […]

Touch Wall

The Touch Wall is part of a diffuse project including tool for qualitative and quantitative analyzing of human motion aimed at maximum interaction between the subject and the tool of analysis, with specificities related to the low invasiveness and the marginal presence of the operator.


Air quality monitoring on GTT electric bus

The MASP (Monitoraggio Aree Sensibili e Protette) project was completed on February 28th 2013 and as final step it has been installed a mobile testbed on the electric bus of the company Gruppo Torinese Trasporti (GTT). This project aims at the development of an air quality monitoring system for sensible and protected areas. The MASP […]

t4A project – Tools For Autism Android tablet app



[Tools For Autism]

Tools For Autism is an application, developed as part of the Touch For Autism (t4A) project, for 10″ and 7″ tablets with Android 4.0 and sup. The aim is to provide a useful tool to help the teaching of behavioral patterns (social stories) and sequences of operations […]