DVB Hot Spot

The DVB Hot Spot project is aimed to broadcast the terrestrial digital television signal to confined areas which are not enough or not at all covered by official services.

This is possible by encapsulating the DVB stream in the IP protocol, by sending it through a data network to a remote host and finally, by rebroadcasting the received signal by a local transmitter on the selected area.

The DVB Hot Spot scenario

The project has been realized only using low cost hardware and free/opensource software.

The streaming system uses a DVB-T PCI card in order to receive the DVB signal. At the remote host a DTV Modulator PCI card modulates the transport stream received through the data network and sends the RF signal to the transmitter for the local broadcasting.

The DVB Hot Spot architecture

More in detail, by means of the DVB-T card, VLC receives, filters and codes the DVB signal. Then OpenCaster, a MPEG2 transport stream data generator and packet manipulator, collects the data passed by VLC  in a transport stream and sends the obtained TS to the remote host through the data network.


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