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Tools For Autism is an application, developed as part of the Touch For Autism (t4A) project, for 10″ and 7″ tablets with Android 4.0 and sup. The aim is to provide a useful tool to help the teaching of behavioral patterns (social stories) and sequences of operations (tasks analysis) to people affected by autism spectrum disorder (ASD) that can benefit from the manageability of a mobile touch screen based device such as tablets, and the possibility to customize the contents and ways to use them.

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Tools For Autism application works in two different modes:


  • as a content editor, in which the operator can create,  edit, delete, backup and restore social stories and task analysis. In this mode the app provides the user with step by step instruction on how to do operations. The creation of a content let the operator create “actions”, the single piece of a story or task, filled with text description and images (available as a downloadable library of ARASAAC pictograms) that can be combined in different layouts and modified in as needed the future; a set of actions composes a social story or a task


  • as a content player, that allows autistic individuals to view the social story or the task analysis; in this mode the user is not able to interact with the other parts of the app without the operator intervent; different modes of visualization are taken into account: for social stories, each page contains a not scrollable list of actions with navigation buttons at the bottom of the page, useful to go to next/previous page and to reach the end of the story; for task analysis the operator can choose how the task will be layed out on the screen and how the player can interact with it: each page can be filled with a not scrollable list of actions displayed as items or can contain only one action; moreover, user can choose if every task has a check mark that must be selected in order to sign that particular task as “done” (checkable mode), or can just be implicitly done once shown/read (not checkable). This choice can be useful for different people with different disease, or for different types of tasks.


The application lets the operator to backup and restore its own content on the device (through a XML representation of a story), allowing easy backup/restore and share operation.

The user can use a library of pictograms (provided by Arasaac) that can be downloaded from the app itself, as well as any personal image or pictures including every source of images.


The application is developed by CSP Innovation in ICT and the work is the result of a successful collaboration between the Foundation ASPHI Onlus, the Centro Autismo e Sindrome di Asperger of the A.S.L. Cuneo 1 and CSP Innovation in ICT in Turin, with the support of CRC Foundation, CRT Foundation and La Stampa (Specchio dei Tempi).


User Guide Download

Download the ToolsForAutism Manual


12 comments to t4A project – Tools For Autism Android tablet app

  • Jeanine

    Where do we find the pswd for editor capabilities?

    • Roberto Politi

      Hi, the default password is “1234” (without quotes).
      It’s written in the description of the software from Play Store.
      Of course you can change your password whenever you want, but if you forget it, I won’t be able to help 😉


  • riccardo

    e grazie per quello che fate.
    Sto cercando di installare l’app, sul clempad, che monta android 4.1.1, ma non ci riesco.

    Non è installato il playstore, c’è 1MobileMarket, ma non trova l’app.

    Potete aiutarmi ?


    • Roberto Politi

      purtroppo il Clempad non supporta il canale ufficiale del Play Store di Google (è una politica adottata dalla Clementoni che, per quanto discutibile, è un loro pieno diritto)

      Esistono delle procedure non ufficiali che permettono di installare il Play Store, ma a parte il fatto che potrebbero invalidare la garanzia, non garantiscono comunque il corretto funzionamento (Clementoni dichiara ufficialmente che il loro dispositivo non è compatibile con il Play Store) e soprattutto si tratta di procedure per cui è necessaria una certa dimestichezza con il computer.

      Per risolvere questo problema (che si verifica anche con altri tablet che non supportano il Play store – es quelli di Amazon) stiamo valutando la possibilità di pubblicare l’app anche su altri market.
      Nelle prossime settimane faremmo le opportune verifiche e se possibile procederemo.
      Nel momento in cui dovessimo procedere, aggiungeremo sicuramente un articolo su questo stesso sito per annunciare la novità.

  • antonio

    salve è possibile avere una lista dei dispositivi compatibili? Perché sto provando a scaricarla da diversi dispositivi e mi dice che sono tutti incompatibili. Oppure è possibile avere il link diretto all’apk? Grazie in anticipo

    • Roberto Politi

      l’app è compatibile con i tablet di dimensione da 7″ in su, ma non sugli smartphone.
      Riesce a dirmi quali sono i dispositivi su cui le dice che è incompatibile?

  • Ernesto Levato

    Salve! Ho installato l’applicazione, le immagini e i moduli senza alcun problema, ma durante la creazione di una storia sociale, l’inserimento delle immagini non è possibile pur visualizzandole nel file browser. Infatti, compare in basso il messaggio di errore:”il file non esiste”. Come posso aggirare il problema? Grazie.

    • Roberto Politi

      riesce a darci qualche dettalgio sul tablet che usa, la versione dell’applicazione e che tipo di file manager utilizza per selezionare il file?


  • Susana

    Hello. When I crea te a story I put the imanes and when I suave history, the pictures do not appear. Why can it be?

    • Roberto Politi

      Hello Susanna.
      Sorry that you are experiencing problems.
      A issue like the one you are describing was fixed in one of the latest updates.
      Did you updated both the app and the modules to the latest version? You can check if any updates is available on the Play Store app (under “my apps” section).

      If you have the latest version or if this don’t solve the problem, can you please also tell me which tablet (brand and model) you are using? Also the version of Android would be useful.
      If you don’t know how to reach these information, you can use the “contact” options that you have from the TFA app itself (you have to be operator to view the “contact” button): we automatically extract these information for you and put them into the email.


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  • deborah

    Buonasera avrei bisogno di sapere cosa serve per installarlo ve ne sarei grata

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