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DAB+ Trasmission Tools

DAB (Digital Audio Broadcast) is one of the standard used to broadcast radio using digital encoding. Aside form audio, DAB permits the transmission of multimedia / applicative contents, such as images slideshow, traffic information, news and so on.

Audio encoding is based on MPEG-2 codec  for legacy DAB and AAC+ for DAB+.
CSP has developed a system able to build a full DAB+ trasmission chian; basic components are:

 AAC audio encoder and Ancillary Data Transmission

The system is based on the library of the Fraunhofer FDK AAC code from Android, patched for 960-transform to do DAB encoding. CSP had a primary role in the open source evolution of  FDK AAC concerning the encoding of DAB applicative data inside AAC samples (PAD – Programme Associated Data). In particular CSP has developeB+ broadcast encoding. Opendigitalradio [1] now maintains an updated version targeted for DAB applications.

of MOT-Slideshow and DLS: the former permits the transmission of pictures associated to the audio and the latter permits to send a descriptive text shown by the display of the radio.

This software has been merged  to the Opendigitalradio [2]. You can download the lates version from git https://github.com/Opendigitalradio/fdk-aac-dabplus [3]

ETI Muxer and IQ Modulator

ETI Muxer and IQ Modulator are based on the original software developed by  Communications Research Centre Canada [4] and now maintained by Opendigitalradio [1].

Latest version is avaiable on git https://github.com/Opendigitalradio [5]

 RF Modulator

This components developed by CSP and based on GNURadio [6] use the USRP 1 Ettus board to broadcast the RF signal. It supports both VHF and L bands


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