MeteoIdro: a remote monitoring station using TETRA network

In this project an hydrometric station has been developed using high performance radar water level sensor and low power embedded systems. The entire system is powered by solar energy and uses a Texas Instruments MSP430 micro-controller for all operations.

Level water measurements are requested to sensor in polling mode, stored in a microSD and […]

Self-powered wireless relay node

Autonomous wireless relay node powered by solar energy


CSP realized a self-powered wireless relay station, released from electrical network and powered by solar energy. Current and voltage information of both power sources and loads are constantly monitored and collected in the CSP’s IoT platform. The architecture designed constitutes a significant advance in the […]

CSP and ITIS Fauser work together

CSP and the “Fauser” ITIS (technical high school) of Novara work in an education program where researchers from CSP are teaching practical R&D activities. In June 30th a final event for the 2012 activities has been jointly organized in Novara, where the students from Fauser presented their results. Two main projects have been demonstrated: an […]

The EveryAware SensorBox: a tool for community-based air quality monitoring

Paper Abstract:

In the EU-FP7-funded EveryAware project a SensorBox is built that will be used in community-based air quality monitoring in Belgium, Italy and the UK. It is conceived as a portable multisensor array or “e-nose” using commercially available electrochemical and metal oxide gas sensors that have shown to react to traffic-related pollution. Further tests […]

Community-based urban air quality monitoring with the EveryAware SensorBox

Paper Abstract:

Community-based monitoring (CBM) encompasses different levels of citizens’ participation going from opportunistic sensing to crowd sourcing, participatory data collection and “citizen science”. In the urban environment with its complex physical and social interactions CBM can help in collecting data at a spatial and temporal scale that corresponds best to inhabitants personal environment and […]

Ciardoney remote station

This project in collaboration with Società Meteorologica Italiana is focused on the remotization of the meteo station located on the Ciardoney glacier, in Parco Nazionale del Gran Paradiso.

Visit the project homepage here to see details and access data from the remote station


Image captured by the remote webcam




POLIBRE is Renewable Energies and Biofuels Innovation Pole of the Regione Piemonte




POLIGHT is the research cluster for sustainable buildings and hydrogen of Regione Piemonte


MESAP is the Innovation Pole of the Regione Piemonte for Mechatronics and Advanced Production Systems

Polo ICT

POLOICT is the Innovation Pole of the Regione Piemonte for the Information and Communication Technologies