3D Television

The last few years,  most Countries (comprising Italy) has been involved in experimental activities about stereoscopic television (3DTV), entering the so called Phase One of the final experimentation as defined by DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) Forum,  phase which is focused on the use of “frame compatible” systems for the transmission of stereoscopic content.

In the mean time, most of consumer electronics companies are investing  on research activities directed to optimize  digital video compression algorithms to obtain an higher level of compression if applied to stereoscopic content and more in general multiview content. This research work is indispensable to enter the Phase Two of the experimentation, which focuses on multiview coding instead of “frame compatible” technologies.

In this topic are grouped all research and experimentation activities about format for the distribution (both broadcast and IP) of 3D video. The activities are also related to multiview compression algorithms.


  • identifying and testing algorithms for multi-view compression
  • studying scalable coding systems
  • exploring backward compatibility issues
  • testing low-cost hardware for producing stereoscopic contents via the internet