IP TV e IP Radio

The moving of Television and Radio into the digital world, is leading to converging technologies enabling the access to Internet and its applications also to TV, radios and car radios.

The higher level of interaction/communication enabled by Internet, make it possible newer scenarios, which poses emerging technological challenges.

A typical problem which comes with the digital network, is the huge amount of content being accessible to the user, opening very important research arguments related to efficient means to  announce new content. Another interesting aspect risen by the convergence and Internet, is the  mutual interaction between devices and the ability to transfer the content between them. Generally speaking, this refers to so called “3Box” model and “Second Screen” scenario.

The “IP TV and IP Radio” research topic addresses the enabling technologies to implement this emerging TV and Radio usage scenarios.  From one side such devices are enriching themselves through network and its services, on the other side they are contributing to the technological evolution, which must enable the implementation the emerging and more specific use cases which in general are requested to such kind of devices.


  • Connected TV platforms and development tools
  • Adaptive streaming protocols
  • Multi-view/scalable video coding
  • Service/content search and discovery


  • Samsung (Italy), about the development of Connected TV applications using Samsung SmartTV platform
  • ST Microelectronics (Italy), about the development  of new set-top-box/SmartTV hardware and software architectures


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