Digital Broadcast Transmission Systems


The software-defined development of wireless transmitters conforming to the most recent digital broadcasting standards is a challenging task. Being broadband systems, they typically operate at high data rates and hence they are typically implemented using expensive dedicated  hardware platforms. Starting with a DVB-T system, we proved that a fully functional digital video transmission system can be implemented using low cost radio devices connected to common PCs. The implementation of second-generation terrestrial and satellite systems is a planned activity.

R&D Objectives

The main objective of the research and development activities in this area is the realization of prototypes of transmission systems conforming to the most widely used transmission standards for digital television and radio broadcasting. The availability of such equipment would be useful in many contexts, particularly in areas where the received signal quality is too poor. The realization of such systems using low cost and low energy consumption devices would further facilitate  the use of these systems under particular operating conditions.


F. L. Crespi, M. Maglioli, S. Benco, A. Perotti, “A real-time video broadcasting system based on the GNU Radio-USRP2 platform,” 7th Karlsruhe Workshop on Software Radios, March 7-8, 2012, Karlsruhe (D).

Activities & related projects