The EveryAware SensorBox: a tool for community-based air quality monitoring

Paper Abstract:

In the EU-FP7-funded EveryAware project a SensorBox is built that will be used in community-based air quality monitoring in Belgium, Italy and the UK. It is conceived as a portable multisensor array or “e-nose” using commercially available electrochemical and metal oxide gas sensors that have shown to react to traffic-related pollution. Further tests and on-field calibration using non-linear modeling will determine the final sensor combination and the level of accuracy that can be attained in detecting and quantifying traffic pollution. Two proposed data aggregation schemes will be evaluated and the resulting level of spatial and temporal resolution will be derived.

Authors: Jan Theunis, Bart Elen, Stefano Ingarra, Andrea Molino, Joris Van den Bossche, Matteo Reggente, Vittorio Loreto

Where: this paper has been presented at the Sensing a Changing World conference SCW2  May 9-11 2012, Wageningen , Netherlands

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