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Air Probe




AirProbe is the air quality application developed for EveryAware [3], a project whose aim is to let citizens measure and be aware of air quality around them, through the combined use of a sensor box and this  application, installed on an Android phone. The sensor box records the concentration of pollutants in the sorrounding environment, marks them with GPS coordinates and sends them continuously to AirProbe. In this way, AirProbe configures itself as an intermediate point between data collected from sensor box and server that stores them.It is specifically designed to:

  • show information about the current air quality
  • record the user trip: it receives georeferenced data (pollutants!) collected in real time from sensor box and shows them on a map
  • let the user to annotate his “journey”
  • let the user to see a real time graph showing pollutants
  • share data on social network

For more information please visit this [4] post.

If you don’t have an Android smartphone, you may want to take a look at the AirProbe PC Sync [5] Windows application.

Note: AirProbe application requires an external Bluetooth device (the EveryAware sensor box) to work.

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