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t4A project – Tools For Autism Android tablet app



[Tools For Autism]

Tools For Autism is an application, developed as part of the Touch For Autism (t4A) project, for 10″ and 7″ tablets with Android 4.0 and sup. The aim is to provide a useful tool to help the teaching of behavioral patterns (social stories) and sequences of operations (tasks analysis) to people affected by autism spectrum disorder (ASD) that can benefit from the manageability of a mobile touch screen based device such as tablets, and the possibility to customize the contents and ways to use them.

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To reach this goal,

Tools For Autism application works in two different modes:




The application lets the operator to backup and restore its own content on the device (through a XML representation of a story), allowing easy backup/restore and share operation.

The user can use a library of pictograms (provided by Arasaac) that can be downloaded from the app itself, as well as any personal image or pictures including every source of images.


The application is developed by CSP Innovation in ICT and the work is the result of a successful collaboration between the Foundation ASPHI Onlus, the Centro Autismo e Sindrome di Asperger of the A.S.L. Cuneo 1 and CSP Innovation in ICT in Turin, with the support of CRC Foundation, CRT Foundation and La Stampa (Specchio dei Tempi).


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