A lamp measures the air quality

CSP  has been developed a prototype unit for measuring the indoor air quality (IAQ). All sensors are integrated on a customized board and measurement are sent to a server using WiFi connection. A lamp has been suitably modified to accommodate inside the sensors and electronic boards.


Air pollution isn’t only an outdoor problem. The air in enclosed spaces, such as home, schools or workplaces, can also be polluted. In fact, some kinds of air pollution can be worse indoors than outdoors, such as tobacco smoke, mould, and chemicals released from synthetic fabrics, furnishings and household products. Wooden furniture and some paints or dyes for cloth can release toxic substances into the environment, such as formaldehyde.


The “lamp” measures Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and formaldehyde (CH2O) levels and get a feedback lighting in different colors (green for clean air, yellow  for warning level, red for polluted air). Other physical parameters are acquired such as temperature, humidity and illuminance.

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