Identification of packet exchange patterns based on energy detection: the Bluetooth case

LOGO ISABEL 2010A time-domain recognition of different wireless technologies may be obtained using energy detection. In this work, an energy detector was implemented using the Universal Software Radio Peripheral SDR platform. The energy detector output allows the formation of a packet presence/absence diagram. Experimental results indicate that the observation of Bluetooth packet exchange patterns reveals technology-specific MAC layer procedures, leading to the conclusion that technology recognition can be obtained on the basis of time domain technology-specific features.

The paper has been presented during the ISABEL – CogART 2010 (NOVEMBER 08-10, 2010, ROME, ITALY) and awarded with the “best paper award”.

Authors: Sergio Benco, Stefano Boldrini, Andrea Ghittino, Stefano Annese (CSP), Maria-Gabriella Di Benedetto (Sapienza University of Rome, School of Engineering, DIET Dept)


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