Identification of packet exchange patterns based on energy detection: the Bluetooth case

A time-domain recognition of different wireless technologies may be obtained using energy detection. In this work, an energy detector was implemented using the Universal Software Radio Peripheral SDR platform. The energy detector output allows the formation of a packet presence/absence diagram. Experimental results indicate that the observation of Bluetooth packet exchange patterns reveals technology-specific MAC […]


ViniVeri project is aimed to monitor vineyards for plant protection.

Currently the project enters the third year, and provides the phase of field testing.

The sensor network is currently running, and in 2011 changes were made to improve the energy efficiency of sensing nodes.

Software-defined white-space cognitive systems

Software-defined white-space cognitive systems: implementation of the spectrum sensing unit View more presentations from CSP Scarl

S. Benco, F. Crespi, A. Ghittino, A. Perotti, “Software-defined white-space cognitive systems: implementation of the spectrum sensing unit”, Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop of COST Action IC0902 October 5–7 2011, Castelldefels and Barcelona, Spain




POLIBRE is Renewable Energies and Biofuels Innovation Pole of the Regione Piemonte




POLIGHT is the research cluster for sustainable buildings and hydrogen of Regione Piemonte


MESAP is the Innovation Pole of the Regione Piemonte for Mechatronics and Advanced Production Systems

Polo ICT

POLOICT is the Innovation Pole of the Regione Piemonte for the Information and Communication Technologies


Daemon project aims to develop a building automation solution:

with innovative IT technologies giving importance to human/machine easy-of-use interaction optimizing use of energetic resources

Funded by Piedmont Region, the project is developed among a consortium of public, private and academic entities.

CSP is responsible of three work Packages:

Wireless sensors development (low power wireless sensors) […]

MASP – Monitoraggio Aree Sensibili e Protette

The MASP project aims at the development of a monitoring system for sensible and protected areas. The MASP system made of fixed and mobile nodes that cooperates in a distributed environment. Mobile nodes can be installed on the public transport system in order to build a mobile network for the real-time measurement of the air […]