Started in the early 1990s, CSP was funded to support industries, SMEs, Public Administration and Academia when supercomputing was the core need for their applications.

At the end of the 1990s, CSP dropped that first mission to focus on high performance computing over the net (HPCN), to combine network and computing and conceive a new wave of telematics, in a few words: Internet services.
As a research body, the CSP’s strategy and mission have been defined by the shareholders (public administration, universities and representatives of private companies), that identify CSP as the right player to perform technology transfer and innovation processes, both in terms of services and products.
CSP is organized in Labs and the following research areas are addressed:

  • Network and wireless communication (NWC)
  • Embedded systems, mechatronics and energy (ESME)
  • Software architecture and applications development (SAD)

To meet the assigned mission, CSP delivers an yearly action plan based on two key factors: on one side, people competences and human resource empowerment; on the other research projects.
As for people empowerment, CSP starts working with university students during their thesis research and train them on the job to support their technical and professional skill empowerment.
On the project side, CSP always seeks for demo areas and chances on field, to set up proof of concept for prototypal product and services.
Fast prototyping, trial service management, on field test and measurements are CSP strengths. And everything is designed as a component of a permanent “Living Lab” .

All that CSP create in its daily activity is meant to create value at least in one of these domains: citizen, local government and companies (micro and SMEs at first), without competing with market players.

Browsing this site, we hope you will find interesting suggestions and bit of interest and be stimulated to get in touch with us.

Each contribution and suggestion will be carefully considered and very appreciated.

Thank you for helping us in building the next digital era!