Embedded Systems, Mechatronics and Energy Area

This R&D Area works on topics focusing on three main branches as follows.

Embedded Systems: microsystems made of electronics, telecommunications and informatics for different applications. Usually main constraints are in terms of energy consumption and scalability, with preferred focus on open-source platforms. Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) is one of the main topics, where CSP works on both the electronics and  the communication protocols.
Mechatronics: focus on the use of unmanned platforms – aerial and terrestrial – for environmental monitoring. Here we are working on application payloads and navigation procedures.
Energy: use of renewable sources for embedded electronics. I particular we are interested on the on-field test of new and hybrid solutions in order to make autonomous the monitoring stations. Micro Smart Grid is another hot topic where CSP is working with R&D projects, putting together knowledge about energy and WSN.

Research Labs


This Lab is in charge of R&D activities on Embedded Systems and Energy. Main focus is on the test an development of new solutions both in terms of hardware and software platforms.


TagLab works on the so-called “remotization” activities. This means making connected remote stations mainly for environmental sensing. TagLab tightly works in collaboration with other research entities of the Piedmont Region devoted to the territory monitoring, such as different labs of  CNR (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche) and SMI (Società Meteorologica Italiana).