CSP and ITIS Fauser work together

CSP and the “Fauser” ITIS (technical high school) of Novara work in an education program where researchers from CSP are teaching practical R&D activities. In June 30th a final event for the 2012 activities has been jointly organized in Novara, where the students from Fauser presented their results. Two main projects have been demonstrated: an […]

HPWNet – High Performance Wireless Network

HPWNet is an experimental wireless network developed by CSP since 2005. The project started with two aims: to develop a wireless backbone in the urban area of Turin, which can be used for the rapid activation of wireless nodes in the city and as a point of departure for extensions towards neighboring municipalities.

Today, HPWNet […]

EveryAware project – Feel The Environment Android app

One of the objectives of the “Every Aware” project is monitoring some environmental variables of the surrounding environment, such as temperature, relative humidity and some air pollutants: carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), volatile organic compounds (VOC) and ozone (O3).

For this purpose we developed a dedicated “sensor box” based on an Arduino chipset, that, […]

t4A Project – Touch For Autism


t4A is a brainchild project of Fondazione ASPHI (Developing of Projects to reduce a handicap by means of Information Technology), which progressively involved the C.A.S.A. (Center for Autism and Asperger Syndrome) of Mondovì and of course CSP, aims to achive a practical action, using simple and intuitive technologies, to support people with disabilities, […]

Multi-touch Table

Multi-touch displays are the natural evolution of the old touch screens as they are capable of recognising multiple touches at the same time. This way of dealing with the hardware (and applications) opens up a host of new opportunities for human-computer interaction, enabling the objects on a screen to be directly manipulated by the user. […]

Quartarete@Internet: an application for Samsung Connected TV

Connected TV (or Smart TV) by Samsung represents a new way to approach the television platform, in which the fruition of classic television programs is combined with the ability to surf the Internet and use applications with varied capabilities, while supporting the platform television, with which users have full familiarity.

Applications are […]

Ciardoney remote station

This project in collaboration with Società Meteorologica Italiana is focused on the remotization of the meteo station located on the Ciardoney glacier, in Parco Nazionale del Gran Paradiso.

Visit the project homepage here to see details and access data from the remote station


Image captured by the remote webcam



ViniVeri project is aimed to monitor vineyards for plant protection.

Currently the project enters the third year, and provides the phase of field testing.

The sensor network is currently running, and in 2011 changes were made to improve the energy efficiency of sensing nodes.

Software-defined white-space cognitive systems

Software-defined white-space cognitive systems: implementation of the spectrum sensing unit View more presentations from CSP Scarl

S. Benco, F. Crespi, A. Ghittino, A. Perotti, “Software-defined white-space cognitive systems: implementation of the spectrum sensing unit”, Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop of COST Action IC0902 October 5–7 2011, Castelldefels and Barcelona, Spain




POLIBRE is Renewable Energies and Biofuels Innovation Pole of the Regione Piemonte