A system of traffic flow monitoring based on video processing

Traffic Flow – Corso Castelfidardo

This system monitors traffic in urban context in real time and evaluates the vehicle flows. The video captured by a webcam is processed and the system is able to create dynamically a model of the roads (areas of the video frame where vehicle traffic is located) and calculate the […]

A lamp measures the air quality

CSP has been developed a prototype unit for measuring the indoor air quality (IAQ). All sensors are integrated on a customized board and measurement are sent to a server using WiFi connection. A lamp has been suitably modified to accommodate inside the sensors and electronic boards.

Air pollution isn’t only an outdoor problem. The […]

Air quality monitoring on GTT electric bus

The MASP (Monitoraggio Aree Sensibili e Protette) project was completed on February 28th 2013 and as final step it has been installed a mobile testbed on the electric bus of the company Gruppo Torinese Trasporti (GTT). This project aims at the development of an air quality monitoring system for sensible and protected areas. The MASP […]


ViniVeri project is aimed to monitor vineyards for plant protection.

Currently the project enters the third year, and provides the phase of field testing.

The sensor network is currently running, and in 2011 changes were made to improve the energy efficiency of sensing nodes.


Daemon project aims to develop a building automation solution:

with innovative IT technologies giving importance to human/machine easy-of-use interaction optimizing use of energetic resources

Funded by Piedmont Region, the project is developed among a consortium of public, private and academic entities.

CSP is responsible of three work Packages:

Wireless sensors development (low power wireless sensors) […]

MASP – Monitoraggio Aree Sensibili e Protette

The MASP project aims at the development of a monitoring system for sensible and protected areas. The MASP system made of fixed and mobile nodes that cooperates in a distributed environment. Mobile nodes can be installed on the public transport system in order to build a mobile network for the real-time measurement of the air […]

WSN @ Botanical Garden

In 2010 CSP started a R&D project with the University of Torino for the creation of a Wireless Sensor Network in the Botanical Garden of Torino.

We are now monitoring environmental parameters in particular points of the garden, in order to give the possibility of making new studies in the field of Vegetal Biology.

The […]

BEE – Building Energy Ecosystem

The BEE project aims at the development of a small Smart Grid in a mixed agricultural – industrial site. Starting from the actual national context, a model for a local Smart Grid will be created, and techniques will be implemented for balancing the energy flows regarding the sources (renewable generators as biomass or photovoltaic) and […]



There is now overwhelming evidence that the current organisation of our economies and societies is seriously damaging biological ecosystems and human living conditions in the very short term, with potentially catastrophic effects in the long term. The enforcement of novel policies may be triggered by a grassroot approach, with a key contribution from […]